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Incomplete list of projects we had an honor to be involved in: *

  • Consulate General of the Russian Federation
  • Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Ontario Police
  • SWIM Media
  • Uranium One
  • Dominican Republic Honorary Consulate

* - Please ask us for references.

Document Translation


Specialist translations require specialist translators...

It is not a secret that each translation project is unique and in most cases requires a completely different approach. We will bring our cumulative experience, skills and knowledge as well as personal attention to detail to your language services needs - from start to finish. For specialist translations we carefully select translators according to their relevant experience and specialization in particular subject areas – business or legal translation, technical or financial translation, website or medical translation and etc. We will find the right professional for each project in order to provide the translation you deserve.

We always begin with a thorough analysis of the documents to be translated. Such analysis is impossible without a complete understanding of the subject matter in both the source and target languages. Our quotes are based on a number of factors including source document word count (it is the most accurate way to properly assess the amount of work the project requires) as well as total volume of the project, deadlines, complexity and etc.

Quality is vital…

A quality translation is always our priority. How do we reach this goal? First of all, by carefully selecting translators with the most relevant experience for a particular project. Mistakes can be very costly and, which is worse, very dangerous. To maintain our translation quality standards, we use only native linguists who translate into their mother tongues. The translation is always followed by proofreading and editing when necessary. In certain cases, upon special request, We can provide additional level of translation accuracy through independent reviewers and editors.


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